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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of several questions regarding the Red & White Club.
If you still have questions, please email them to RWClub@muohio.edu or call the Red & White Club office at (513) 529-8097.

How are membership levels set?

Membership levels are determined by your giving to the Red & White Club during the course of each fiscal year for the next year. You may make one gift during that time to set your membership level, or, you may contribute multiple times to set your membership level. Either way, all gifts must be contributed toward the Red & White Club Scholarship Fund.

What do the Loyalty Points mean?

The Loyalty Points program is a way for Miami University Athletics to fairly assign and allocate benefits based on a donor's historical, all-around support of athletic programs. The more vested you are, or have been, as a donor, season ticket holder the more you are rewarded with Loyalty Points.

What types of applications does a Loyalty Points program have?

Loyalty Points will allow us to fairly allocate benefits. For example, should Miami play in the postseason for any of our ticket sports, seat locations will be assigned first to Red & White Club members who qualify to purchase tickets based on their giving levels - with the best locations going to those with the highest Loyalty Points total.

When do I receive my benefits?

Benefits are filled AFTER the fiscal year is complete.

If I make a gift to RWC, does it count toward my University giving level?

Yes. Gifts made to the Red & White Club do count toward your University giving level.

Can I earmark my gift toward a specific sport?

Yes. You can earmark your gift to a specific sport's scholarship fund.

If I give to restricted account, does it count for RWC membership (or endowment, etc.)?

Restricted gifts for specific sports, endowments or capital projects are greatly appreciated but do not count toward membership. You will receive Loyalty Point credit for those gifts. Active membership in the Red & White Club is only based on gifts made for Red & White Club scholarships.

Why do young alumni get a membership discount?

Young alumni, or those individuals who have undergraduate degrees from Miami in the last 10 years, receive a discount to encourage membership while starting a professional career. This will aid recent graduates in giving back, making a difference and being a part of the team.

If I am required to make a gift for parking in football and have courtside seats in basketball, does my total gift to the Red & White Club need to be both gift amounts added together?

No. A gift made for preferred seating or parking in one sport also counts toward the gift for preferred seating or parking in another sport.

If I do not contribute to the Red & White Club in a given year, how will that hurt my Loyalty Points?

You will lose your points provided for years of consecutive giving, resetting that figure to zero. While you will not lose your other Loyalty Points for your previous gifts, years as a season ticket holder, etc., your points are only active when your membership in the Red & White Club is active (i.e. you can only use them if when your membership is active).

I typically give to the Red & White Club each December. Does that have to change?

No. You can continue to give to the Red & White Club each December and remain an active member. In fact, you can give at any point in time during the fiscal year (July 1-June 30) to become or remain an active member of the Red & White Club.

Can I earmark my funding toward a specific sport/scholarship and have it count for active membership?

Yes. While the greatest area of need is for unrestricted scholarship support, you may earmark your gift to the Red & White Club toward a sport or sports and it will be used to offset scholarship costs for identified sport(s).

Why should I join the Red & White Club?

Your gift DOES make a difference in the lives of Miami student-athletes. Membership to the Red & White Club, at any active level, will directly support the annual scholarship needs of our student-athletes.

How long does my membership last?

Red & White Club gifts are based on the fiscal year. For example, gifts given from July 1, YYYY to June 30, YYYY will count toward membership benefits between July 1, YYYY and June 30, YYYY the following year.

What benefits do I receive as a member?

In addition to making an investment in Miami student-athletes, Red & White Club members can receive exclusive benefits, including special event invitations, preferred seating, parking and postseason ticket opportunities.

Is my gift tax deductible?

The Red & White Club encourages all members to consult their tax advisor, but all gifts to the Red & White Club are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Benefits awarded may impact the tax-deductibility of your gift. Benefits may be waived when renewing or joining to ensure a maximum tax deduction. Benefits must be waived at the time membership is renewed or established.

If I give to an endowed scholarship or facility project, do I receive Red & White Club membership?

While Miami University Athletics greatly appreciates these gifts, these contributions do not count toward Red & White Club membership. However, you will receive Loyalty Point credit for these gifts.

Since I played tennis at Miami, I would like to contribute to the tennis program, but also would like to join the Red & White Club. Can I do both?

Yes! You are able to `earmark' your gift toward a specific sport's annual scholarship support. This means that your Red & White Club contribution will go toward tennis scholarship for that year.

I have been a season ticket holder for years, but I am not a current RWC member. Do I have Loyalty Points?

You have Loyalty Points, but they may only be used by active RWC members. To become/remain active, you must give during each fiscal year at the minimum required level.

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For more information about the Red & White Club, or if you're interested in other ways of providing support for Miami student-athletes, please contact the Athletic Development Office at (513) 529-8097 or email us at RWClub@muohio.edu.