George L. Rider Track

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Miami's outdoor track, which opened in 1984, is one of the finest and most complete facilities in the world. The complex layout is ideal for coaching during practice and is tremendous for the spectator who enjoys every event.

The track surface is a German-made product called Rekotan, the same material used in Munich at the 1972 Olympics and in Los Angeles at the 1984 Olympics. The track has ten 44-in lanes. There is one main finish line at the end of a sprint straightaway, with three alternate finish lines available in case of a change in wind direction.

The infield portion of the curve near the finish line features a half-moon surface for high-jumping and one of two javelin runways. The facility also makes the ability for vaulting both north and south at one of six possible locations for the event. A second javelin runway is at the opposite end of the infield providing dual-direction throwing.

The grass infield contains all the throwing facilities. A dual shot put area is in the middle with another competition circle at the west end, while there are discus circles in all four corners of the infield, assuring the competitors of the ideal wind.

Three long jump pits are located between the sprint straightaway. The jumpers have 210 feet of runway leading to each pit. Running parallel to the long jump runways is the ability to set up pole vault mats in three additional positions. Coupled with the two locations on the high jump aprons, this gives Miami the ability to vault in all four directions. The entire area around the pits and runways is covered with artificial surface. This allows for a personal stretching and training areas.