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Darrell Hallberg
Asst. AD/Equipment
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Andy Geshan
Equipment/Steve Cady Arena
(513) 529-9825
Jim Sliger
Equipment/Withrow Hall
(513) 529-2338
Chad Burns
Equipment/Yager Stadium
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Jake Warnke
Equipment/Millett Hall
(513) 529-3102

The world of Athletic Equipment Management is one that is very rarely seen or understood by many. Individuals outside of the world of athletics don't fully know or understand the day to day operations of an athletic equipment department. The Miami equipment department makes it possible for its student-athletes and coaches to compete at the highest level on a daily basis. The Miami equipment staff handles all athletic equipment, safety of equipment, apparel and logistics of each athletic team and coaching staff on campus. The only time an equipment staff is noticed is when it's responsibilities are left undone. We are the team behind the team!

The experience gained while being an important part of a division one athletic program is unforgettable. Having the opportunity to fly all over the country and being involved in big game atmospheres is something we do on a weekly basis. The hours are long and the work can sometimes be grueling and thankless, but it is all worth it when you sit down and look back at the experiences gained through hard work and dedication. Having the ability to have a front row, fully interactive ticket to some of the best college sports in the country, is something that is unforgettable!

The Miami Equipment Staff will provide an opportunity to meet new people not just at Miami but at other universities across the country. Through hard work and dedication, the knowledge and experiences gained will stay with you for a lifetime. The opportunities ahead could help shape your future in athletics, and begin a very interesting journey.

Miami Equipment is looking for student applicants who are interested in a career in athletics, athletic equipment or an individual who has a love collegiate athletics. Working in the equipment department provides the opportunity to get valuable experience while continuing your college career. The toughest part of breaking into athletics, whether amateur, collegiate or professional, is getting started. There is no substitute for experience and we are looking for hard workers who want to see if this field is for them. The longer you wait, the more time someone else has to get added experience over you.

STUDENT EQUIPMENT ASSISTANT for YAGER STADIUM - The Assistant Athletic Director/ Director of Athletic Equipment is looking for hard working student applicants who are interested in working with the Equipment Department in supporting the Miami Football Team. As a student equipment manager applicants will have the opportunity to work directly with the equipment department, student-athletes and the football coaching staff on a daily basis.

As a student equipment manager, applicants will have the opportunity to gain insight into how an athletic equipment department functions on a daily basis. Responsibilities to include but not limited to moving equipment, organizing field equipment, assisting football coaching staff with drills, laundry, organization of apparel and equipment as well as cleaning and maintaining the locker room. This position will require assistance during home football games, and will also possibly present the opportunity to travel during away games. Applicants will be asked to work between 4-6 hours per day during practice, as well as conduct game day operations until there conclusion.

Applicants interested in working with the Yager Stadium Equipment Staff please email Chad Burns.

STUDENT EQUIPMENT ASSISTANT for MILLETT HALL - The equipment manager in Millett Hall is currently looking for a hardworking, dedicated and loyal student interested in gaining experience and knowledge of the athletic equipment field. As a student equipment manager you will get hands on experience in dealing with athletic equipment, apparel, uniforms and the day to day operations of an athletic equipment room. As a student equipment manager in Millet Hall you will be expected to assist the equipment manager with the daily responsibilities of the equipment room as well as assisting with all of Millet Hall sports. These sports will include the following; Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Volleyball, Men's Track and Field, Women's Track and Field / Cross Country and Miami Dance Team. These tasks can include, but are not limited to, laundry, stocking/inventory, cleaning, practice setup and tear down, game day setup/tear down of home locker rooms, and other various projects. Student equipment managers will also have access to all game day events prior and after events, as well as have the opportunity to work with the student-athletes and coaching staffs.

Applicants interested in working with the Millett Hall Equipment Staff room please email, Jake Warnke.