Red & White Club Tailgate Tent:

  • From three hours prior to kick off until 30 minutes prior to kick off the Red & White Club tent will be open and be located in the Red Zone section of the West Millett parking lot. According to this map (hyperlink), we are located in section E, in the bottom right corner.

Red & White Club Related FAQ

Q: Where is this tailgate located?
A: The tailgate will be hosted at the north end of the West Millett Parking Lot in the Red Zone (map available here).

Q: Am I paying to just be under a tent? What is provided?
A: No! There are many benefits to tailgating with the Red & White Club. Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Your tailgate spot and amenities are taken care of! This is the perfect setting to celebrate the RedHawks with fellow fans of the Red & White.

Q. What times is the tent open?
A: The The tailgate will open three hours prior to kickoff and conclude 30 minutes prior to kickoff.

Q: What does it cost if I am a member?
A: Red & White Club members at any level can purchase access to the tailgates online for $20 per person.

Q: I heard there is a way to receive complimentary access for the entire season. What is it?
A: Complimentary tailgate access for two to each game will be provided to Red & White Club members at the Coach level and above ($1,000+ annually).

Q: Do I need to be a member of the Red & White Club to tailgate in this area?
A: Yes, by joining the Red & White Club, you will enjoy access to the Red & White Club tailgate tent. Prices are cheaper by registering in advance, and on game days, only Red & White Club members can purchase tailgate access.

Q: I'm a member. How far in advance should I register for tailgates?
A: Those interested in attending the Red & White Club tailgate must pre-register online at least one week in advance.

Q: Are there any free tailgates I can attend as a Red & White Club member?
A: Yes! All Red & White Club members will receive complimentary tailgate access for two prior to the Akron (November 7) and Eastern Michigan (November 15) games. Must pre-register online for complimentary access.

Q: Can I bring my children?
A: Yes! Children (12 and under only) of Red & White Club members can attend the tailgate for free (when accompanied by an adult).

Q: What if I don't want to sign up online?
A: To register via phone, call Tonya Moryl, (513) 529-5150.

Q: Where can I go online to register for tailgates? What about making a donation to the Red & White Club?
A: To register online for Red & White Club tailgates, click here. To join the Red & White Club, click here.

Q: I need more help. Who do I contact?
A: For other Red & White Club questions call 513-529-8097 or email us at

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