Athletic Director's Circle

The primary purpose of the Athletic Director's Circle ("AD Circle") shall be to provide input, guidance and support to the Miami University Director of Athletics in structuring and maintaining a broad-based, nationally competitive NCAA Division I intercollegiate athletic program that supports the development of student-athletes. The athletic program commits to a culture of excellence embracing integrity, fairness, mutual respect, compliance and responsibility.

Members are on three-year terms.

Rick Amos

Rick Amos, '87

Trip Bosart

Trip Bosart, '65

Bill Bosway

Bill Bosway, '87

Trey Busch

Trey Busch, '82

Ross Chaifetz

Ross Chaifetz, '15

Wendy Chambers

Wendy Chambers, '85

Kyle Decker

Kyle Decker, '08

Tim Goist

Tim Goist, '86

Tom Hassfurther

Tom Hassfurther, '77

Laura Janssen

Laura Janssen, '87

Marcus Johnson

Marcus Johnson

Cassie Kim

Cassie Kim, '92

Lindsay McKibben

Lindsay McKibben, '04

Martin Nance

Martin Nance, '05

Chris Ondrula

Chris Ondrula, '91

Tom Parrott

Tom Parrott, '81

Jon Podany

Jon Podany, '87

Jeff Schultz

Jeff Schultz, '92

David Shrider

David Shrider, '92

Bob Simpson

Bob Simpson, '82

Matt Sonkin

Matt Sonkin, '05

Mitch Sonkin

Mitch Sonkin

Tammy Walker

Tammy Walker, '75