Polish Up the Helmets! Miami Prepares for Spring Football Practice

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Feb. 24, 2010


OXFORD, Ohio -- Though there's still snow on the ground in Oxford, Ohio, members of Miami University's football team are definitely thinking about spring football. The first of 15 practices now looms just 24 days away on Saturday, March 20.


A total of 80 returning players, including 51 letter winners, have been regular 6 a.m. visitors at James Carsey's Strength and Conditioning Center inside Miami's Walter L. Gross Jr. Family Student-Athlete Development Center for the Fourth Quarter Program.

Besides the unusually large number of veterans back for another season, Head Coach MICHAEL HAYWOOD'S spring troops also include a bevy of new student-athletes, including several talented transfers and first-year collegians. That group features Michigan transfer VINCE HELMUTH (FB, Saline, MI), Connecticut transfer C.J. Marck (LB, Newtown, PA) and Iowa transfer Jason Semmes (DL, Clarkston, MI), plus recently signed newcomers NICK HARWELL (WR, Missouri City, TX), KELVIN JACKSON (DL, Missouri City, TX) and JOHN STEELE (DL, Cleveland, OH).

"All of these young men will be given an opportunity to contribute and play early," said Haywood. "They will bring experience and leadership to this organization."

Haywood says that, during the off-season, his staff established a leadership committee.

"Two gentlemen from each class will comprise the leadership comittee and will try to unite the entire football team into one," said Haywood. "As they take ownership of this football team, they will oversee our study table. And if there are team violations, this peer group committee will mandate penalties."

Reconfiguring the defensive secondary and stopping the run will be the team's defensive focus this spring, according to Haywood.

"Offensively, we're going to run the ball," he said. "There will be days this spring when we won't throw a single pass."

When the RedHawks conduct weekday practices, they will start drills at 8 a.m. due to their afternoon class blocks. Starting times for weekend practices will vary. The annual Red & White Spring Football Game will be staged at Yager Stadium on Saturday, April 10, at 1 p.m.

Miami's Spring Practice Dates:

Sat., Mar. 20 - practice No. 1 (no pads)

Mon., Mar. 22 - practice No. 2 (full pads)

Tue., Mar. 23 - practice No. 3 (full pads)

Wed., Mar. 24 - practice No. 4 (full pads)

Fri., Mar. 26 - practice No. 5 (no pads)

Sat., Mar. 27 - practice No. 6 (full scrimmage)

Mon., Mar. 29 - practice No. 7 (full pads)

Tue., Mar. 30 - practice No. 8 (full pads)

Wed., Mar. 31 - practice No. 9 (full pads)

Thu., Apr. 1 - practice No. 10 (full scrimmage)

Mon., Apr. 5 - practice No. 11 (full pads)

Tue., Apr. 6 - practice No. 12 (full pads)

Wed., Apr. 7 - practice No. 13 (full pads)

Thu., Apr. 8 - practice No. 14 (no pads)

Sat., Apr. 10 - practice No. 15 (Spring Game)


Miami Football's 2010 Spring Roster

67 John Anevski OL So./Fr.

72 Brad Bednar * OL So./So.

16 Austin Boucher QB So./Fr.

65 Collin Boucher LB So./Fr.

29 Justin Bowers * DB So./So.

60 Steve Bray OL Sr./Jr.

23 Kevin Bresnahan WR Jr./So.

45 Jim Broadway * P Jr./So.

56 Brandon Brooks ** OL Sr./Jr. (injured, will not participate in spring)

90 Austin Brown * DL So./So.

6 David "D.J." Brown * DB Jr./So.

79 Jordain Brown* DL Sr./Jr.

82 Kendrick Bruton ** TE Sr./Jr.

81 Joe Clarke WR Jr./So.

19 Trevor Cook *** PK Sr./Sr.

85 Morris Council** DL Sr./Jr. (injured, will not participate in spring)

15 Andrew Cruse * WR Jr./So.

80 Danny Day TE Jr./So.

69 Will Diaz * DL Jr./So.

4 Zac Dysert * QB Jr./So.

27 Peris Edwards ** DB Sr./Sr.

49 Erik Finklea LB So./So.

22 Jordan Gafford *** DB Sr./Sr.

31 DeAndre Gilmore *** LB Sr./Sr.

17 Chris Givens ** WR Sr./Jr.

28 Danny Green * RB Jr./So.

75 Bob Gulley *** OL Sr./Sr.

30 Evan Harris * LB So./So.

64 Josh Harvey OL So./Fr.

TBA Nick Harwell WR So./Fr.

TBA Vince Helmuth FB Jr./So.

37 Pat Hinkel * DB So./So.

81 Brett Hoffman TE Jr./So.

61 Andrew Illig OL Jr./So.

15 Drew Jackson QB So./Fr.

TBA Kelvin Jackson DL/LB So./Fr.

94 Mike Johns * DT Jr./So.

97 Matt Kajmowicz ** DL Sr./Jr.

53 Alex Kaufman ** LB Sr./Jr.

36 Luke Kelly * LB Jr./So.

66 Matt Kennedy * OL Jr./So.

5 Ryan Kennedy ** LB Sr./Jr.

18 Anthony Kokal ** DB Sr./Jr.

20 Roman Lawson * RB So./So.

45 C.J. Marck LB Jr./So.

87 Steve Marck * TE So./So.

34 Thomas Merriweather *** RB Sr./Sr.

80 Aaron Mickens * WR Jr./So.

25 Glenn Miller WR Jr./So.

33 Sascha Miller FB Jr./So.

51 Austin Moore * LB So./So.

68 Andrew Muller DL So./Fr.

93 Zach Murphy P/PK So./Fr.

35 Jordan Padgett DB So./Fr.

71 Andrew Phelan OL Jr./So.

39 Seth Philip ** K Sr./Sr.

89 Rob Reiland ** TE Sr./Jr.

11 Armand Robinson *** WR Sr./Sr.

9 Jamal Rogers *** WR Sr./Sr.

18 Mike Scherpenberg * QB Sr./Sr.

73 Jason Semmes DL Jr./So.

46 Justin Semmes FB So./Fr.

78 Anthony Shoemaker * DL So./So.

83 Brian Slack TE So./Fr.

63 Ken Staudinger ** OL Sr./Jr.

TBA John Steele DL Fr./Fr.

24 Brandon Stephens *** DB Sr./Sr.

21 Jordan Stevens *** TE Sr./Sr.

95 D.J. Svabik ** DL Sr./Sr.

32 Jaytee Swanson * LB Jr./So.

88 Lucas Swift * WR So./So.

48 Chris Wade LB So./Fr.

25 Cornelius Ward ** CB Sr./Jr.

23 Max Warren WR So./Fr.

43 Jerrell Wedge ** LB Sr./Jr.

33 Jonathan Wells * DB Sr./Jr.

47 Kasey Wendal DB Jr./So.

76 Evan Wiley OL So./Fr.

91 Joseph "JoJo" Williams* DL So./So.

70 Nate Williams ** OL Sr./Sr.

57 Wes Williams * LB So./So.