Synchro Holds Annual Postseason Banquet

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April 30, 2017

OXFORD, Ohio – The Miami University synchronized skating teams, along with family and friends, gathered Saturday evening to celebrate the 2016-17 season with the annual postseason banquet.

A total of 14 awards, including one specialty award, were handed out between the three teams. Each team had a member named outstanding skater and most improved skater, in addition to a team spirit award. The senior and collegiate teams also had awardees for rookie of the year and outstanding senior.

Senior Anne Marie Misey was awarded the Karin Sherr Trophy, which is given to a skater who embodies a true commitment to excellence both on and off the ice. This athlete demonstrates excellence in the core values of Miami Varsity Synchronized Skating in her daily life – it is “who they are,” not just “what they do.” This student-athlete embraces the full collegiate experience and demonstrates continuous growth. She displays great discipline, commitment and passion in these five core pillars of education: Academics, Athletics, Community Service, Self Development, Team. This award is open to all members of the synchronized skating program and is voted on by all members of synchronized skating program and supporting staff.

For the senior team, junior Anna Webster was named the Rookie of the Year, freshman Bailey Styzinski earned the Team Spirit Award and freshman Celeste Franke-Joyce was honored as the Most Improved Skater. Selena Morris was tabbed as the Senior of the Year while Most Outstanding Skater was awarded to junior Marie Yamada-Killilea.

For the junior team, sophomore Megan Edison earned the Team Spirit Award, freshman Maria Mulligan was selected as the Most Improved Skater and sophomore Paige Bremner was voted the team’s Most Outstanding Skater.

For the collegiate team, the Rookie of the Year went to sophomore Madison Youngman, junior Brianne Safer was handed the Team Spirit Award while Most Improved Slater was junior Alyssa Pressley. Both Senior of the Year and Most Outstanding Skater was earned by Allyson Klovekorn.

Summary of Award Winners
Karin Sherr Award Winner: Anne Marie Misey

Senior Team
Rookie of the Year: Anna Webster
Team Spirit: Bailey Styzinski
Most Improved: Celeste Franke-Joyce
Senior of the Year: Selena Morris
Outstanding Skater: Marie Yamada-Killilea

Junior Team
Team Spirit: Megan Edison
Most Improved: Maria Mulligan
Outstanding Skater: Paige Bremner

Collegiate Team
Rookie of the Year: Madison Youngman
Team Spirit: Brianne Safer
Most Improved: Alyssa Pressley
Senior of the Year: Allyson Klovekorn
Outstanding Skater: Allyson Klovekorn

Description of Awards
Karin Sherr Outstanding Student-Athlete Award
This award is in honor of Miami Skating alumna, Karin Sherr ’00. Karin graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Spanish in 1999 and continued her studies to graduate with a Master of Science in Family and Child Studies in 2000. Karin was a member of the Senior team from 1996-2000 and a member of the 1999 US Synchronized Skating Championship Team. She served as team captain in 2000, received the Thomas J. Fisher Outstanding Skater Award and was the first synchronized skating athlete to receive the Miami University Female Student-Athlete of the Year award. Her education continued both on and off the ice after leaving Miami as she completed her Juris Doctor at Washington & Lee University School of Law in 2003. Karin pursued judging within US Figure Skating and is now an International judge and National Referee for synchronized skating, a National Technical Controller and Technical Specialist for synchronized skating, is a former chair of the Synchronized Skating Committee and continues to serve on various US Figure Skating committees. All of this is in addition to practicing law and now serving as General Counsel for Thomas Jefferson School of Law. In 2013 Karin has the distinct honor of being the first synchronized skating athlete to be elected into the Miami University Athletic Hall of Fame.

Rookie of the Year
The Rookie of the Year award is awarded to a new member of the team, regardless of year (ie. 1st year, second year, or transfer student).  This member elect consistently exerts a maximum effort and positive attitude (both in action and in words), is always prepared, on time, and shows great, selfless dedication to the sport and their team members.  This skater is someone that displays the tradition of Miami Skating even as a new member of the team.

Team Spirit
The member elect for the Team Spirit award gives 100% (is there any such thing as a 110%?), selflessly pumps up the team in support of team goals and values, and finds ways to motivate her teammates during practice, during off-ice, and at the competition.  This team member always reflects a positive attitude, regardless of the situation or challenge.  This team member is one the team looks to when there is a calling for cheer at anytime and in any place.

Most Improved
The member elect for the Most Improved Skater award should be awarded to a team member of any year or skating level.  This award can be given to a team member who comes with no team experience but has consistently shown improvement on and off the ice.   This award should represent an individual who finds time to improve individually while maintaining the focus and commitment to being a good teammate and the goals of the team.  The most improved skater is one that recognizes the importance of individual improvement for team improvement.

Senior of the Year
The member elect for Senior of the Year should be awarded to a senior team member (see the above bold/italics names).  This senior has consistently displayed leadership qualities that represent the ideals and values of Miami Skating and the goals and direction of the program.   Additionally, this senior is one that can be considered a role model, on and off the ice, and is willing to selflessly step up to the challenges of the year and constructively guide members of the team through those challenges, good or bad.  This skater consistently displays a positive attitude and models positive behavior on and off the ice, and her decisions and actions are respected by her teammates at all levels.

Outstanding Skater Award
This is the most prestigious award any member can earn. The member elect for the Outstanding Skater Award should have a positive attitude and respect towards team members and the sport of synchronized skating. The award recipient should consistently display the behavior and attitude that speaks to selfless dedication to the team, commitment to the goals and direction of the team, and a focus on excellence that is portrayed on the ice, as well as in the classroom, in the weight room, or during off-ice.  The member elect should represent the individual that best represents what Miami Skating stands for on and off the ice. The member elect can be anyone on the team who exemplifies these qualities.