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2012 Ticket Types and Prices
Season Tickets
Chair Seats$100
General Public/Bench$90
Miami Faculty/Staff$75
Butler County resident$80
Youth Reserved$70
Senior Citizen$80
Season Parking$100
Single-Game Tickets (on sale August 1)
Adult Reserved$20
Youth Reserved$15
Kroger Tickets$18
Hawk's Nest$15
Single-Game Parking$10

The requirements for having access to purchase Ohio State tickets are as follows:

The purchase of at least two (2) 2012 Miami football season tickets and:
  • Active membership in the Red & White Club between $100-$249 - Provides access to PURCHASE two (2) Ohio State tickets (also applies to those who qualify at the Young Alumni membership)
  • Active membership in the Red & White Club between $250-$499 - Provides access to PURCHASE four (4) Ohio State tickets
  • Active membership in the Red & White Club at $500 and higher - Provides access to PURCHASE up to six (6) Ohio State tickets
Everyone must meet the requirements to purchase Miami-Ohio State game tickets.

2012 Football Season Tickets
Frequently Asked Questions

Season Ticket Prices/Locations/Deadline
  1. May I still purchase tickets for the Ohio State Game?
    If you purchase a minimum of two season tickets and are an active member of the Red & White Club, there are still Ohio State tickets available for purchase. More details can be found here about the requirements. Ohio State tickets are $70 each.
  2. What happened if I do not renew my tickets by the May 23 deadline?
    Ticket locations cannot be guaranteed after the May 23 deadline. Your season tickets may be moved if you do not get your renewal in on time. Also, payment plans cannot be accepted after the May 23 deadline.
  3. I would like to move my seats this year, can I?
    Please make your seat change request on the back of your renewal form and mail it back to us as soon as possible. We process seat change requests based on the day we receive them so it is important to return your renewal as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee any seat changes over the phone.
  4. I would like to get additional season tickets or individual tickets, next to my current season tickets. Can I do this?
    If we have tickets next to your current season tickets, then yes, we can get them next to one another. All season ticket requests will be processed before any single game request. If you place a single game request now, weI cannot guarantee the tickets will be next to your current location.
  5. I received a renewal form in the mail, but I have paid for my tickets or already selected a Payment Plan Option prior to receiving this renewal, what should I do with it?
    Unless you have a seat change request, you can keep this renewal form as your receipt for your 2012 Football Season Ticket Order. Thank you for renewing!
  6. When will I receive my season tickets in the mail?
    Tickets are will be mailed out about three weeks prior to the first home football game.
  7. I ordered away game tickets as well, when will I receive those?
    If we have received the tickets from the other school prior to our season tickets being mailed out, then we will include them with your season tickets. If the school has not sent them to us prior to then, they will be mailed out as soon as we receive them. In the very slight chance that we do not receive the away game tickets prior to 10 days out from the game, the tickets will be available at the Visiting Team Will Call at the respective school's stadium.
  8. I am interested in signing up for season tickets, where would I be located?
    All season tickets are located in Sections 3, 4, or 5. Depending on if you would like an aisle or not and about how high up you would like to be, will depend on which section we can get you in to.
  9. What other perks are there with becoming a season ticket holder?
    For the first time this year, Miami Season Ticket holders can select one away MAC game to attend at no additional charge. The number of tickets that you can request is equal to the number of season tickets you have.
  10. When will 2012 Football Game Times being announced?
    Game times for the 2012 season will be announced in the coming months as our conference television partners finalize their schedules.

  11. I haven't had parking before but I would like to buy it this year. Is that possible?
    Yes, we have parking available in the West Millett parking lot, the B-Lot, and Hannon Park. Parking in these lots is $100 per season.
    • Which lot is closer to the stadium?
      The B-Lot is right next to the stadium, however, it is a grass field, rain can make this lot difficult to park in. Hannon Park is also very close and a very fun Tailgating atmosphere. The West Millett lot is a cement lot that is a little further from the stadium. There is a shuttle service that will take you from the West Millett lot directly to the stadium.
  12. Can I buy a season parking pass without buying season tickets?
    Unfortunately, we do not allow season parking passes to be purchased without season tickets. IWe would be more than happy to sign you up for season tickets if you are interested.
  13. I would like to buy an RV parking pass this year, what do I need to do?
    We can sell you an RV parking pass for the season or for a particular game. Season RV pass holders have first priority and will receive the electrical spots. Season RV Parking Passes must accompany a Season Ticket purchase. Which would you like to order?