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This is a Culture of Champions

On August 22, 2006, the Miami University Athletic Department came together along with those most invested in its future -- students, University Trustees, Institutional Administrators and campus leaders -- to celebrate a vision of national prominence for Miami University Athletics. Since that night, Miami University and its leaders in the athletic department have worked hard to elevate Miami into a "Culture of Champions."

What is a "Culture of Champions?" It is a belief that part-time excellence is unacceptable, that excellence is a lifestyle. Thus, we excel intellectually, through service, with leadership, by example, with attitude, and through our words and actions.

Does this mean we want to win championships? Absolutely! And as we grow our annual championships, each of us aspires to contribute to our collective championship culture through winning, recruiting, leading, serving, encouraging, energizing, training and preparing. With each at-bat, Reese Trophy, goal, point, Jacoby Trophy, victory and championship ring, comes a contagiousness that infects all and inspires a momentum striving to become a national model for intercollegiate athletics.

Because we strive for a position of national leadership, success will take the enormous, collective effort of everyone committed to our vision. The "Culture of Champions" concept is not exclusively the responsibility of students and coaches as measured by raising a championship trophy at the end of the season (although that is certainly a significant part of the goal), but, rather, the "culture" to which we aspire contains a mind-set of every single person performing like a champion in everything we do.